Countdown Has Begun for Konya Machinery Technologies Fairs!

Konya Machinery Technologies Fair has been successfully organized in 2018. The fair will continue to add value to the sector in 2022. Take your place at Konya Machinery Technologies Fair, exhibit your products, and establish new collaborations! TÜYAP offers solutions that will improve your business with new generation exhibition services.

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The industry has an eye on the Konya Machine Technologies Fair!

Konya holds 45% of the market in Turkey of metal processing and machinery manufacturing, and it continues to be the center of attraction of domestic and foreign investors. The city has 22% of machinery industry’s exports of Turkey in general, also impresses every year with rising exports graph. In this context, the fairs that contribute to the introduction of innovative machines also make it possible to spot the latest technologies at the same time by consolidating the brand's place on the market.

Konya Machine Technologies Fair, which is the most important and most comprehensive industry meeting in Anatolia, has become a sought-after, follow-up brand meeting of the metal processing sector, and the weight of this region, especially Konya, has also been influential in the industry. Indeed, Konya’s production of milling machines is the leader of our country, also 70% of metal processing machinery, 65% of agricultural machinery and 75% of on-vehicle equipment of Turkey is being produced in our city. We believe that Konya will continue to be important with its strength in the metalworking sector and that its steady growth will continue in the coming years. We think that these four fairs gathered at the Konya Machine Technologies Fair will sign the developments that will please the sector professionals.